Why saturated fats are dangerous?

It is because the carbon atoms are „well feed" with hydrogen atoms. They have no empty hydrogen rooms with which they could connect to our bodies’ other hydrogen molecules. Our body therefore can use them as energy source only, in case they are suitable for the blood group. On unsaturated fats there are empty rooms where hydrogen atoms are missing from. These places are like special keys – they fit in the lock of other body molecules.

It is a misconception that saturated fats come mainly from meat pastes and they increase cholesterol levels while vegetable oils are unsaturated and they keep cholesterol levels low.

Harmful palm and coconut fats

It is true that meat, cheese, eggs, milk and dairy products abound in saturated fat. But it is also the case with palm oil and coconut oil! In the mid 80’s, several groups of scientists demanded that these tropical plant oils and fats are not used for human food, not to be used for baking and cooking. Scientists’ petition did not have much success.

Initially, the medical researchers had some success, then coconut and palm flat slowly went back to everyday human food. All of which increase the cholesterol level and low density lipoproteins (LDL, VLDL) of blood, and no less harmful to health than the fattiest bacon. Recently there are new reform foods containing palm and coconut oil, which, in addition are also smoked (wheat sausage, millet snacks etc.). They also hurt the same way as the smoked bacon, pork, goose and duck fat do, moreover they are not good for either one of the blood group.

If you look at how the good to body fats become toxic trans-fats, you can understand why only cold-pressed, blood type matching oils are suitable for human consumption. Almost all natural fats are known as cis-configuration to occur, that is, the hydrogen atoms on carbon atoms of the molecules are located on the same side. Hydrogen atoms have some electrical charge, therefore they repel each other and as overlay "Horseshoes" they hunch the carbon chain. These curves give the shape of the molecule, that is, the "key", and it fits in the body "precision lock" which allow fats express specific biological activity.

Abnormal cell function, cancer                                                    

Modern processing procedures: heating, hydrogenation, bleaching, deodorization, etc. enable this substantial importance cis-configuration. These latter techniques change the healthy cis-bonded configuration to unhealthy trans-bonded configuration. The hydrogen atoms are chemically rotate so they are placed at the opposite sides of the fatty acid molecule. Then the molecule straightens out, and loses the key figure that would connect it to our cells to perform its biological functions of fats.

Our body is extremely adaptable. It is even forced to try to make the trans-fats to their function if the trans-fats do not fit in the lock. However, if the trans-fats for example get in the cell membrane, they make it permeable whereby the cell metabolism breaks and allows the penetration of toxic substances into the cell.


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