FUSION: FRYING AND COOKING OIL for those who find high quality and economical use equally important.

Why FUSION frying oil is the best choice?


 Non-GMO, made of 100% plant-derived materials

  • the oil is cholesterol free
  • the oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (80,4g / 100ml), the saturated fatty acid content is low, the trans-fat is less than a gram per 100 ml. This corresponds to the trans fat regulation of Ministry of National Economy.


  • because the liquid heats up quickly, so that you save time and energy
  • because in case of proper use the life length is extremely long
  • you can reduce the frying oil usage nearly to half
  • any product can be fried together, no need of oil replacing


  • because the used oil can be packed to its original packaging which we transport


  • because you can reach our customer service anytime
  • because our staff can help you with selecting the most suitable oil for your business profile, to test the product (TESTO 270) and to prepare your economic calculation.


Fusion sunflower cooking oil
Fusion premium fritu frying oil
Fusion power fritu frying oil

Fusion power fritu frying oil

High-load-resistant frying oil with anti-foaming agent that is suitable for frying wet or frozen products as well.

Fusion long life fritu frying oil